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Develop 2017-05-16T20:53:43.390+0000 ≥ 11 days
3.0 2017-05-26T12:18:15.965+0000 ≥ 1 days
2.3.3 2017-05-02T14:04:07.245+0000 ≥ 25 days
2.2.5 2016-10-25T11:55:47.205+0000 ≥ 214 days
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#1464 2017-04-12 Waldemar Smirnow MH-12157 series search index query performace improvement wsmirnow/matterhorn t/MH-12157-all-series-search-q… r/3.x
#1472 2017-04-18 Tobias M Schiebeck MH-12155 merge LDAP configuration into mh_default_org.xml ts23bit/opencast t/MH-12155_unify_security r/3.x
#1475 2017-04-23 Lukas Rohner MH-12082 scheduler service entwinemedia/matterhorn f/MH-12082-scheduler-service develop Lars Kiesow (25)
#1478 2017-04-24 Mostolog MH-12185: Improve LTI documentation and configuration mostolog/matterhorn-0 mostolog/mh12185-1493046332002 develop
#1479 2017-04-24 Mostolog MH-12185: Improve LTI documentation and configuration mostolog/matterhorn-1 mostolog/mh12185-1493046641391 develop
#1480 2017-04-24 Lars Kiesow Do Not Warn About Default Configuration lkiesow/opencast annoying-logs develop
#1481 2017-04-25 Sven Stauber Added initial version of localization process definition to … staubesv/switch-opencast-2.2 t/MH-11742-document-the-proces… develop
#1483 2017-04-25 Mostolog MH-12136: Clarify use of custom LTI params in docs mostolog/matterhorn-2 mostolog/mh12136-clarify-lti-c… develop
#1486 2017-04-26 Duncan Smith MH12175: editing location with conflict checks slampunk/matterhorn t/MH12175-editing-location-r/3… r/3.x Jan Koppe (23)
#1492 2017-05-02 Rüdiger Rolf MH-12193 Distribute Adaptive Streaming Media to OAI-PMH opencast-community/opencast-osnabrueck-fork t/MH-12193-adaptive-streaming-… r/3.x
#1494 2017-05-02 Mostolog MH-12194: Improve documentation for Sakai user dictionary … mostolog/matterhorn-5 mostolog/mh12194-improve-docum… r/3.x
#1501 2017-05-04 Claudio Romano MH-12202 ProxyMiddleware does ignore host port staubesv/switch-opencast-3.x MH-122202-do-not-ignore-host-p… r/3.x Jan Koppe (19)
#1510 2017-05-10 Karen Dolan MH-12216 Escape embedded mp and attachment support in … kdolan/matterhorn-opencast t/MH-12216-Ingest-addElementMo… r/3.x Christian Greweling (4)
#1512 2017-05-10 Rute Santos MH-12191 Add support for automated captions/transcripts … opencast-community/matterhorn-harvard-fork f/MH-12191-watson-transcripts develop Stephen Marquard (10)
#1514 2017-05-11 Karen Dolan MH-12220-AdminUInG-EventDetails Tenant PlayLink kdolan/matterhorn-opencast t/MH-12220-AdminUInG-EventDeta… r/3.x Sven Stauber (16)
#1515 2017-05-12 Christian Greweling MH-12223 Bulk Publication for Oaipmh distribution cgreweling/matterhorn t/MH-12223-bulk-publication-oa… develop Sven Stauber (15)
#1520 2017-05-15 Karen Dolan MH-11195 option for fuzzy id series search and fix series … kdolan/matterhorn-opencast f/MH-11195-fuzzySeries-Search-… develop
#1523 2017-05-16 Greg Logan MH-11379: AWS Dist Documentation and minor fixes greg_logan/matterhorn t/MH-11379-aws-dist-updates r/3.x Sven Stauber (10)
#1527 2017-05-17 Rüdiger Rolf MH-12196 datetimepicker opencast-community/opencast-osnabrueck-fork f/MH-12196-datetimepicker develop Sven Stauber (10)
#1530 2017-05-19 Christian Greweling MH-12124 Multiple cutting ends in multiple Smil Files cgreweling/matterhorn t/MH-12124-multiple-smil-cutti… r/3.x Karen Dolan (4)
#1531 2017-05-19 Sven Stauber MH-12168 As a user, I need cross-page links that help me to … staubesv/switch-opencast-3.x t/MH-12168-cross-page-links develop Corné Oosthuizen (2)
#1532 2017-05-22 Mostolog MH-12233: Change some WARN to be INFO mostolog/matterhorn r/3.x r/3.x Greg Logan (4)
#1534 2017-05-24 Sven Stauber MH-12230 Notifications appear again although the user has … staubesv/switch-opencast-3.x t/MH-12230-confirmed-notificat… r/3.x
#1535 2017-05-24 Christian Greweling MH-12235 partial Import: ids somtimes not found cgreweling/matterhorn t/MH-12235-smil-track-id r/3.x
#1536 2017-05-25 Corné Oosthuizen MH-12242: Trigger the event to load the quality formats for … coosthuizen/my-opencast t/MH-12242-theodul-quality-sel… develop
#1537 2017-05-25 Greg Logan M-12212: Additional Minor Docs Edits greg_logan/matterhorn t/MH-12212-doc-updates r/3.x

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